Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ok so I figured today I'd do a post about my favorite thing..... THEATER!!!!!!! Right now I am in 3 shows.... I am a naiad in Narnia, Beth in Little Women, and a party guest/Russian in Nutcracker!!!!! I love Trilogy so much but I'm getting sad because I mean it's good for people to join but a lot of the people who join complain endlessly that they didn't get a good part or aren't getting to do anything. It makes me mad that these people sit there complaining, and I feel like if people are going to do that they shouldn't be doing the play. Those are just my thoughts though.... But back to it being fun..... I'M SO HAPPY WE'RE GONNA HAVE A POSTER SHOOT FOR LITTLE WOMEN AND IT'S GONNA BE SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the shows I'm in but I'm especially excited for Little Women since it's a traveling play and I got a lead.... I'ts kinda funny, all of us in the cast are starting to act more like sisters because of the show and that's really fun.... I have to go eat some scrambled eggs but I might post again later.

Monday, October 24, 2011


ok i haven't posted in a couple days...... ummmm today my brother fell and broke his elbow and also dislocated it. Tomorrow he's gonna get a surgery in his arm cuz it was really bad.......... ok and so a few days ago I went to the mall and got some stuff and I went in the teacup on the carousel which made me really dizzy and then my friend was drinking izzy soda and she had done the teacup too and so she's like "isn't it funny that I'm drinking this and I'm dizzy and walking weird." cuz the bottles look kinda like beer bottles so ya................ lol i just had to say something.... also apparently Lily looked like an axe murderer and then I had a dramatic day 2 days ago....... and yesterday I did a bunch of homework..... today I went to Brighton and it was interesting...... lol especially public speaking and drawing/painting........... right now I'm waiting for my parents and Josh to get back from the hospital and so I'm posting on my blog and watching TV...... For halloween I'm gonna be Cleopatra sitting on a throne but I was cutting my wig and I made it super short on accident cuz I was holding the wig at a weird angle... I'll post pics when I'm done............... and OLIVIA I DON'T KNOW IF I WAS ONE OF THEM OR NOT AND I'M SO CONFUSED AND I'M SCARED I'D BE ONE OF THE BAD ONES AND AHHHHHHHHHHH....... ok so ya I'm done peace out
p.s. MY B-DAY'S IN 10 DAYS!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello there peoples of earth. I haven't posted in FOREVER and I've been missing it, so I'm gonna try and listen to Olivia and start posting daily (easier said than done). Ok well the main things in my life right now: I am in 3 productions right now- Narnia (naiad), Nutcracker (party guest/russian), and Little Women (BETH!!!!!) I'm going to school and it's starting to reaaalllllyyy bore me.......... I have a headache right now :( For Halloween I'm going to be Cleopatra sitting on her throne (I make my costumes... I'll try to post pictures on here when I'm done) and I'm making Josh (my 6 yr old bro) a gargoyle costume. My birthday is on November 3rd, so I'm super excited for that!!!!!! I'm gonna be 13!!!!! Teenager-dom!!! For my birthday I think I might've just convinced my parents to get me a laptop.... I'm a very persuasive person (hehehe).  I'm also asking for a facebook :)Ummm my dog eats socks a lot.... like right now.... I got it.  They're shutting down google buzz :( It's too early for me to think of anything else to post about tight now.